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Tufts University Police Department


Call 617-627-6911 or x66911 from a campus phone


Boston Health Sciences and SMFA campuses, call 911

    Summon an Emergency Response

    • Stop a Crime
    • Report a Fire
    • Save a Life

    Summon Help by Phone

    Using personal or mobile phone, call 617.627.6911.

    A Tufts Police Department dispatcher will answer, gather information, and send an emergency response if necessary.

    Using a campus phone

    From any campus phone, simply dial 6-6911.

    Tufts Alert

    Tufts Emergency Alert System (TuftsAlert) consists of technology and procedures to enable the university to quickly send information to the community during significant emergencies. Message from the Tufts Emergency Alert System are sent to university email accounts and can be sent by text and voice to mobile and landline phones; however, you must provide your contact information to be included in the system. You can do so at the website listed above.

    Summon Help by Using Blue Light Telephone Network

    The blue‐light telephone network exists for your safety and convenience. The phone locations are marked by a blue light above the phone. The phone is typically located in a gray, weatherproof box. In an emergency press the red button to automatically dial the University Police Dispatcher.

    For your convenience, most of these phones are equipped with a regular telephone keypad. Use the black on/off and the keypad to dial any 5-digit campus telephone extension, or dial “0” for the campus operator. These phones are located at the entrance to public buildings on campus.

    Note that these phones will limit calls to approximately 90 seconds. Please dial again if your call is disconnected.

    Summon Help by Activating a Panic Button

    Panic buttons can be found inside the entrances to most residence halls and can be identified by either a red or blue label. Panic buttons are also installed in some administrative locations on campus. You should familiarize yourself with the location of all panic buttons at your residence hall and anywhere you may work. Activate a panic button to elicit an immediate, emergency response from the University Police.

    There are currently three types of panic buttons in use at Tufts University. Most panic buttons send a silent alarm, though some panic buttons will activate a loud siren or bell.

    Push up from the bottom. The panic button will remain activated until reset with a key.

    A telephone call is always preferable to a panic button, as it allows the dispatcher to determine the nature of the emergency. However, panic buttons are available and should be used if it is not safe, practical, or possible to use a telephone.

    Summon Help by Activating a Fire Pull Station

    Fire alarm pull-stations are connected to a building fire protection system that sends a signal to the University Police. Activating a fire pull-station will trigger the evacuation of the building and will send a signal to the University Police Communications Center, eliciting a police and fire department response.

    If you discover smoke or a fire in a building:

    • Do not panic
    • Sound the alarm immediately by pulling any red FIRE pull-station (located near all exits)
    • Evacuate to a safe distance outside the building, warning others on the way out
    • OPTIONAL: If the fire is in a room or small area, confine it by closing the room doors prior to leaving the building
    • Seek out the first arriving emergency personnel (police, fire, medical) and tell them the specific location of the fire
    • Once you are out of the building, stay out! Until you are advised by an authority to reenter or re-occupy the building, do not return