Tuition and Fees
Location: SMFA at Tufts
Boston Fenway Campus
Eligible Students: Entering grades 10-12
Credit: Not available
Housing: Not available (coming Summer 2019!)
Program Fee: $3,200 (Wk 1+2) / $1,600 (Wk 3)
Financial Aid: Limited amount available
Applications Open: December 1st, 2017
Applications Close: May 1st, 2018
Application Requirements (core):
Art courses taken
Goal in attending
Course preferences
Optional: portfolio

Program fee includes:
Tuition, materials fees, use of select campus facilities, excursions and daily activities as a part of the specific course in which you enrolled.

Not Included:
Room (commuter only), breakfast, dinner, airfare/transportation to and from campus, spending money, souvenirs, meals eaten away from program, medical insurance, medical and dental expenses and any non-program-related transportation needs.

This program is not related to Tufts University Undergraduate Admissions. Participation in this program does not result in admission to a Tufts University degree program.

Tufts Pre-College Intensive:
SMFA Studio Art

Session 1: July 9th –20th 2018
(optional 3rd week, July 23rd-27th)
Session 2: July 30th– August 10th 2018
(optional 3rd week, August 13th-17th)
Commuter Only.

Join our community of working artists and immerse yourself in thinking, creating and making. While maintaining a focus on developing your unique artistic vision, you will take classes in the foundations of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation. SMFA's interdisciplinary approach to art means that you are encouraged to explore and integrate different media into your art. Our working artists will guide you in this process and advise you on your portfolio. An optional third week following each session gives serious art students extra time for portfolio development.

Join us for your summer studies and share the Tufts experience!

Program Highlights:

  • Learn from a faculty of professional artists and educators who will encourage you to push limits and engage with new art mediums.
  • Spend time with well known artists who will present their work and give you advice on your artistic path.
  • Prepare for college admissions by building your portfolio in our studios
  • Access to our workshops in print and paper-making, woodworking, digital animation and the advanced production lab
  • Curate your own art exhibit at the conclusion of the program (optional 3rd week only)
  • Go on field trips to some of Boston’s many famous art institutions
  • Make lifelong friends with students from all over the world!

Program Outcomes:

  • Refine your art practice while developing new technical skills
  • Advancement of your college admissions portfolio
  • Foundational understanding of the interdisciplinary approach to art
  • Enhanced understanding of the life and work at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts

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Program Structure

Each session starts with a two-week program that digs into the foundations of the interdisciplinary approach to art embodied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. This two-week program is organized into 4 blocks each day from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. During these blocks, students will work on foundational skills, learn to put art in context, and have the opportunity to work on a portfolio of their own

Students have the option of signing-up for a distinctive and exciting third week focused on preparing serious artists who want to continue to build their portfolio, learn to write an artist statement, participate in a critique, curate an exhibit for friends and family, and work on a new skill in a new medium. This third week is truly differentiating among opportunities open to high school students in that they will have access to workshops normally closed to non-majors. We hope students will choose to join us for this transformational opportunity.

Foundations: Artists need solid foundations in various art disciplines in order to explore new ideas and concepts. Our 2-week program offers 3 Foundations classes taken throughout the day:

  • Drawing, Painting and Design
  • Sculpture and Installation
  • Digital Media

Students attending our optional 3rd week will have the opportunity to choose from the following options in workshop-style classes:

  • Performance Art
  • Printmaking
  • Digital Animation
  • Woodworking
  • Papermaking

Art in Context: Students will hear ideas from contemporary thinkers about art, the business of art, the history of art, and the controversies and challenges of public art.

Open Studio: On Thursdays, students will have the opportunity to work with a mentor and build their portfolio and work on their artist’s statement.

Art Show Curation: [3rd week only] This distinctive opportunity allows students to learn the basis of curating, marketing, preparing, and setting-up an art show and invite your friends and family to see the results.

Tentative Summer 2018 Schedule (to be finalized)

Weeks 1 & 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 - 9 am Check in [week 1 only]
9 - 9:50 am Foundation A
[orientation in
first block week 1]
Foundation A Foundation A Vis Critical Studies Presentation Foundation A
10 - 10:50 am Open studio (mentoring)
11 - 12:50 pm Foundation B Foundation B Foundation B Foundation B
1 - 1:50 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2 - 3:50 pm Foundation C Foundation C Foundation C 2-4:30 Field Trips
4:30-5 Wrap up
Foundation C
4 - 5 pm Art in Context Art in Context Art in Context Art in Context

Week 3 (Optional)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 - 10:50 am Foundation A Foundation A Foundation A Foundation A Foundation A
11 - 12:50 pm Open Studio Open Studio Open Studio Open Studio Open Studio
1 - 1:50 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2 - 3:50 pm Foundation C Foundation C Foundation C 2-4:30 Portfolio review Final show install
4 - 5 pm Final Show: Ideas and Planning Final Show: project management Final Show: marketing 4:30-5 Final show: Preparation and design 4-7 Final Show

Student Life

We endeavor to make every moment of the student experience at SMFA at Tufts memorable for our students. Every piece of the student life experience is designed to inform and enable students to have a healthy, fulfilling, and safe summer.

Check-in and Orientation

Check-in and orientation will begin at 8:30am on the first day of each session. The orientation program will include:

  • Welcome from Program Director
  • Introductions of Faculty and Staff
  • Building information and safety
  • Reminders about class schedule, logistical information
  • Group assignments and introductions


Lunch will be provided from Monday – Friday for each week that the student is enrolled in the program. We will be collecting information about allergies and other health issues as a part of the application and enrollment process.

University Facilities

Students will have full access to Tufts university’s facilities on the Medford campus including the libraries, computer lab and student center. Students will also have full access to Tufts’ Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness center, featuring racquet courts, a swimming pool and cardio and weight-training equipment.

The Medford Campus is accessible via subway (T) or ride share service. The SMFA is located a block away from the Green Line E train T stop "Museum of Fine Arts", and from bus stops that run along Huntington Avenue.

Health & Wellness

Tufts works hard to ensure the health and well-being of all of its students. Once accepted to the program Tufts will ask all students to submit health-related information prior to the program start date.

Tufts also has procedures in-place for students with urgent or emergency needs, illnesses, or injuries. Our procedures combine on-campus and hospital-based care depending on the nature and severity of the issue. A student’s emergency contact will be notified, if one is provided, in the event of an issue. Please see our Health & Wellness Services page for additional information.

In any type of health & wellness emergency, students should immediately contact Tufts University Police at (617) 627-6911.

Please note: medical fees of any kind will be billed to the student and are not included in program fees.

Safety & Security

Campus Safety

Tufts campus is considered very safe among U.S. college campuses. Although crime on campus is unusual, we do have an open campus in a major metropolitan area and we expect our students to exercise good judgement and responsibility as they navigate the campus. Tufts University maintains its own police department, on the job 24 hours a day, if an emergency arises. Tufts campus is equipped with an emergency blue light phone system.

Tufts campus is equipped with an emergency blue light system and dormitories require a fob for entry and a key for access to bathrooms and bedrooms.

For more information, please visit our Campus Safety page.


Please see the policies section of this website for a complete list of applicable policies, including the following: