Other Summer Programs at Tufts

Summer 2018 Program Dates

First Session: May 23rd – June 29th

Second Session: July 3rd – August 10th

12-Week Session: May 23rd – August 10th

Other Summer Programs at Tufts

Tufts Summit (Talloires, France)

Tufts Summit invites high school students to develop a greater understanding of the global village they will call home. While improving their French language skills, students are introduced to the complex world of international politics and diplomacy through classroom instruction, exploration of French culture, and field trips to local sites of historic importance and natural beauty. This program challenges high school students to see beyond the assumptions they share with most Americans about the purpose and practice of government, the nature of family and community, and the origins of war and peace. Day trips to international organizations in Geneva and Lyon, as well as visits to medieval castles in the countryside enable students to gain an insider’s view of a world most know only from books and newspapers.

Tufts International Programs and Partnerships

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Tufts provides summer English as a Second Language programs, such as English Today and the Summer Institute for International Scholars as well as individualized programs for sizeable groups. Our English classes are taught by dedicated instructors who use their imagination and experience to maximize each student's learning potential. The Tufts English Language Programs are innovative in the way they combine classroom material with real-life experience. Class time is complemented by a host of real-world activities that help you to live the language as you learn it. You will speak and use the language each day, which is the natural way to improve your ability and confidence. From engaging classes to exciting field trips and evening discussions on American life and customs, we help you learn the language and culture that is America.

Magic Circle Theater

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Magic Circle Theater is New England's oldest theater by and for children. The theater is in session Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-4:00 pm for six weeks each summer. The company consists of young actors in grades 6-9, meeting to rehearse, construct scenery, create costumes, and perform. The summer's activities climax during the 4th, 5th and 6th weeks with public performances of three children's plays in repertory in the Balch Arena Theater. Magic Circle Theater emphasizes the importance of those backstage as well as those onstage. Each student appears onstage for one of the three productions and will assume a technical or backstage role in the others. Students tackle a variety of technical positions, including scenery, stage management, lighting, costumes, scenic painting, and house management. Each day, the Magic Circle program is structured to include time for workshops in acting, music, dance, production design and constructi

Adventures in Veterinary Medicine

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The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Grafton, MA, offers a career exploration program in the summer. Whether you are a middle school, high school, or college student, or even a “transitional” adult, Adventures in Veterinary Medicine has a session for you! If you’re bright and motivated, you’ll find no better introduction to a career in veterinary medicine. Adventures in Veterinary Medicine (AVM) is a fun and engaging program that will give you a deeper understanding of the veterinary profession and the demands of veterinary school. As one of the most progressive and well-regarded veterinary schools in the country, Tufts University was the first to offer this type of educational programming. For over 25 years, AVM has inspired individuals who share a passion for veterinary medicine.

Center for Engineering Outreach

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The Tufts Center for Engineering Outreach runs summer programs for elementary aged children. CEEO usually offers two sessions of Early Elementary Robotics for children going into first and second grade. This session introduces students to the engineering design process as they build and program with standard LEGO bricks and a programmable LEGO brick. Their projects will help them gain exposure to hands-on, open-ended design projects. First, students will focus on stable building and an introduction to programming. Then, students will work on a project to be shared at the open-house during the last day of class.
Also, CEEO usually offers two one-week sessions for kids going into grades 3-7. This session will help students design, build, and program using the engineering design process. Several open-ended challenges will be posed to the students throughout the week. They will use standard LEGO bricks, programmable LEGO bricks, and other materials to complete these design challenges. The week will start with activities focusing on stability in design and move to other topics, such as, gearing, weight distribution, and momentum, as the students incorporate programming and motors into their designs.