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Students are expected to carry with them at all times the official picture ID card issued by the Administrative Services office at Tufts Public Safety. The ID card is required for admission to many university buildings & facilities, functions, and is necessary for library privileges, etc. Upon request of the university police or university officials, a student must present his or her Tufts ID.

Fraudulently obtaining, altering, or misusing a university-issued ID will lead to disciplinary action. Participation in the manufacturing and distributing of false identification cards of any type will lead to separation from the university.

Falsifying or possessing a phony driver’s license is a crime in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition to a minimum fine of $500 for this offense, the state recently passed legislation making the penalty for use of a false ID in obtaining alcohol suspension of the right to drive in the state for six months on a first offense. The legislation applies to individuals regardless of their state of residency.

A note to students participating in SMFA Workshops: ID cards are not issued for workshops. SMFA students should check in at the front desk at the entrance of the SMFA building.