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Continuity of study and responsibility to learn rests squarely on the enrolled student. Consistent and on-time attendance, active interaction with others in the course or courses, and steady engagement with the instructor and course content is expected. Attendance at all meetings of your course is required. Continuous study is required. We do not permit absences during the program for family vacations or another summer opportunity. Unexcused absences are not tolerated, and may result in a grade reduction, course failure, and/or dismissal from the program with no refund. If enrolled students are not keeping up or not able to maintain active engagement with the instructor and course, they must take action and ask for assistance.

Non-attendance is not an indication of withdrawal from Tufts University.

You have the right to withdraw from enrollment at Tufts University if:

  • You become unable to or disinterested in continuing study/enrollment at the university;
  • You become unsatisfied with your academic progress;
  • You are dissatisfied with the university, class(es), services, residence hall, or the program;
  • Other conditions exist that prevent you from completion of the courses.

If you stop attending class(es), you will not be administratively withdrawn, and no refund will be issued.

If you are unable to attend due to illness or an emergency, it is your responsibility to contact the course instructor to make arrangements to complete missed work. You may be required to submit additional assignments if necessary.