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Registering for Summer Session courses is easy! Registration opens January 2.

Online Registration

    1. Visit the Summer Course List and search or browse for the course and section you'd like to enroll in.
    2. Add a course section to your cart.  A one-time, non-refundable $65 application fee will be applied to your cart at point of check out.
    3. Check out. Be sure you choose the correct credit type, since this may affect the tuition rate. Many of our courses are available for undergraduate credit, graduate credit, as well as for auditors and high schoolers.
    4. Create a Student Profile in our enrollment system to complete the check-out process. You will create a username and password at this point that will give you access to your Student Portal on our enrollment system. Access to the enrollment system will allow you to easily enroll and pay for classes, drop classes, request refunds, and submit applications when needed.
    5. Complete your check out process by paying in full, a deposit, or requesting an invoice. Please visit the "Billing & Payments" page for instructions and information on paying for Summer Session classes.

    Please call 617-981-7008 for any questions or issues

    You will receive emails from Tufts throughout the process and you may always contact us at any time with questions.

    Note for returning Summer students: We are excited to have you return to Tufts! Although your Tufts Username from your previous enrollment still exists, you will need to reactivate it by going through the enrollment process described above.

    Student Credentials and Post-Enrollment

    1. Validate your Tufts University student credentials
      • When your credentials are ready (usually a few business days after enrolling in a course), you will receive three emails from the Tufts' Student Information System:
        • Email 1: Directions on how to proceed
        • Email 2: Your Tufts Student ID Number
        • Email 3: A link to Tufts Tools
      • Open the link you receive and enter your Tufts Student ID Number (from Email 2) to create your Tufts Student Password
    2. Accessing Tufts' Student Information System (SIS)
      • As a visiting Tufts student, SIS is where you can access the course schedule, request a transcript, view final grades, and pay your tuition balance if you chose to pay via invoice.