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Tufts Technology Terms

Tufts ID#: A seven-digit series assigned to you when you were enrolled at Tufts this summer. It serves as a student record number for many student service points, particularly for billing and payment via Tufts eBill.

Tufts Username*: Your Tufts Username is a unique sequence of letters and numbers used to identify you in Tufts computer systems, networks and online services. This Username is the account name that is used to gain access to most Tufts systems, such as the Student Information System, Trunk, Tufts Exchange, or secure wireless connections.

Typically, Tufts Usernames are in the form of your first name initial followed by 5 letters from your last name and two digits. For example, Ludwig Von Beethoven’s Username could be “lbeeth09.”

Your Username is assigned during a profile set up process that you launch when you apply for summer enrollment status at Tufts University.

*Your Tufts Username is sometimes called a “Tufts User ID” or “UTLN” (Universal Tufts Login Name).

Tufts Password: A password is needed in order to access student technology and networked services at Tufts. You choose your own password, although there are security requirements. Your password is created when you self‐provision your Tufts logon profile.

Tufts Email: Tufts will communicate with you primarily through email using your Tufts email address. You are required to set up and use a Tufts email account. Your Tufts email address is assigned to you when you self‐provision your Tufts logon profile.

Tufts Tools: A Tufts logon utility located at, which allows persons with active Tufts Usernames to recover service or password.

Tufts Logon: Tufts student technology and networked services are accessed by a single logon, which includes your Tufts User ID. Valid users simply enter their ID and password on the lines provided.

Responsible Use at Tufts: Tufts University requires all users of its information systems, whether computers, devices, networks, applications, or other resources, to limit their use to university-related purposes, and to refrain from prohibited activities.

Tufts’ information policies include the Information Stewardship Policy, the Use of Information Systems Policy, the Data Classification and Handling Policy, and the Information Roles and Responsibilities Policy. These can be viewed on the Tufts Technology Services website.

Which Browser?: Popular browsers (MS Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) should support your connectivity to the Tufts network and services. You may find that one browser works best with a particular service. For example, the Tufts Student Information System ( tends to work best in either Chrome or Firefox. If you find your service “frozen” or nonresponsive, try opening the site in another browser before seeking assistance.

Tufts Technology Services: Technology support at Tufts University is provided around the clock, seven days a week. Contact Tufts Technology Services for assistance with:

  • Usernames & Passwords
  • Network Connectivity Wireless
  • Set Up Other Services as Available

Tufts Technology staff will troubleshoot your particular computer, network, or access problem, or connect you with another service provider, such as Tufts Student Services, Tufts Summer Session, etc.

Contact Tufts Technology Services: By phone: 617.627.3376 By Email:

Tufts Network Services

Canvas: The university’s learning management site is called “Canvas.” Canvas is used by Tufts faculty to build course sites, post class resources, contact students, and facilitate discussions. Canvas is the platform used by the Tufts Summer Online program. Most, but not all, summer faculty will host course material (syllabus, readings, review questions, etc.) on a Canvas course site.

Access to Canvas and relevant courses materials is achieved by logging on to with your Tufts Username and a password. Visit Tufts CANVAS

Tufts Exchange: This is a web‐based email reader used to manage your Tufts email. It includes calendar and contact management tools as well. You must read Tufts University email, since this is the primary way that the university will send you information about registration and payment. Also, your course site on Trunk will use your Tufts email address to deliver reminders, data, etc. Tufts Exchange - TuftsTools -

Tufts Tools: A Tufts logon utility located at, which allows persons with active Tufts Usernames to recover service or password. View Tufts Tools site

Mobile Services: A host of resources and information can be accessed using your phone or other hand‐held device using the Tufts mobile platform. It includes a directory of Tufts faculty and staff, maps and directions, and other information services. Please be aware that not all services listed are available in the summer. Visit Tufts Mobile

Tufts Computer Labs: If you didn’t bring a computer with you this summer, you can visit a campus computer lab. Try the Eaton Hall Computer Lab where there are plenty of PC and Mac machines with full connectivity to Tufts and other services. View Tufts more information on Tufts computer labs

Printing: The computer labs and libraries use a pay for print system that allows users of these facilities to print from both Tufts-owned and personal computers. In addition, students, faculty, and staff can print to the public lab, library and certain public space printers from anywhere on campus by installing and using the print installation packages for Mac or PC. View more information on Tufts printing labs

Library Resources: Tisch Library information, catalog, databases, and other web‐based services can be viewed and accessed using your Tufts Username and password. Some services do not require a Tufts logon, but access to third-party sites, databases, and indexed services will require a login. Visit Tisch Library site

Wireless Connectivity at Tufts: Tufts Secure Wireless provides protection against identity theft and data loss for members of the Tufts community by creating a secure and encrypted connection. Devices do not need to be registered in advance to connect to Tufts_Secure — just provide your Tufts Username and Tufts Password when prompted. To connect to the network or Internet with Tufts_Secure: While on campus, select Tufts_Secure from the list of available networks. Sign in with your Tufts Username and Tufts Password (same as Tufts email, SIS, etc.).

Computer & Device Registration: Use this site to register your computer, phone, or hand‐held device. Registration ensures the fastest connections and verifies your agreement with Tufts responsible use policies.

Device Registration

Tufts IT Policies and Guidelines

Tufts Alert Tufts Emergency Alert System (TuftsAlert): consists of technology and procedures to enable the university to quickly send information to the community during significant emergencies. Messages from the Tufts Emergency Alert System are sent to university email accounts and can be sent by text and voice to mobile and landline phones; however, you must provide your contact information to be included in the system. Learn more about Tufts Alert and sign up