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    Residential Program Travel Registry Information

    As soon as your travel plans are confirmed, log into your student portal and complete the travel form. We will use this to plan for pick-up/drop-off at Boston Logan, South Station, or North Station and to ensure we know who is leaving by car. Additional information will be provided as we get closer to the summer.

    For more details about travel specific to your program please see the links below:

    Enrollment Forms

    To ensure we can do our best to keep you safe and happy while at Tufts, there are a number of forms we need you and your parents to complete. Once you have submitted your deposit enrollment forms will post to the online portal, please log into your student portal to complete the forms.

    We take the safety of our students seriously, therefore, students who have not completed all required forms by the deadlines below will not be permitted to attend the program. 

    If you believe you will have trouble meeting this deadline, please let us know.

    Deadline for all forms: June 22

    Form Descriptions

    • Health Forms
      • Health Information: (required) basic information about any health conditions or medications you have, including your insurance card
      • Health Consent: (required) basic permission to treat you in the case of an emergency
      • Immunization Record: (required) outlines immunizations we require of all residential students; must be completed by a physician
    • Residential Survey: (residential students only) provides information regarding living preferences
    • Travel Form: (required) informs us as to how you will be traveling to and departing from Tufts

    Disclosures & Releases

    • Consent to Disclose Student Information: (optional) permission from student allowing Tufts to release information about their academic, behavior, or health status to parents
      • Note to parents: without this, we are legally unable to share information about your student except in the case of an emergency
    • Student Agreement: (required) outlines the policies and expectations for summer study at Tufts
    • Parental Consent & Release: (required) outlines the policies, expectations, and disclaimers for summer study at Tufts
    • Commuter Travel Information: (required for SMFA) informs us as to how you will be traveling to campus each day
      • Note to parents: there is no access to campus parking at the SMFA
    • Publicity Release: (optional) permission to allow the student’s image, voice, or words to be used in publicity for the program

    Please note that some programs require additional forms specific to their activities.

    Your Home at Tufts

    Living in an undergraduate dorm and eating in the dining halls are two of the most exciting parts of attending Tufts’ Pre-College Programs. To get you excited, we wanted to give you a glimpse into life on campus along with some helpful tips! Before we get to that, we need you to complete the Housing Information Form which will help us make roommate assignments. Please log into your student portal to complete the form.

    It also asks for a photo of yourself, allowing us to create your Tufts Student ID that will give you access to the dorm, dining hall, and other facilities around campus. See the form for photo guidelines.

    Summer Fun

    Onto the fun… when you’re not busy with our world class academic programming, you get to fill your schedule with anything that excites you to make the most of your Summer at Tufts. Yes, there is some homework, but take a look at some of the opportunities you have for fun while you study …

    Fun on Campus

    Our Residence Life team is preparing a whole itinerary of fun activities for you when you’re not in class. Evening activities are optional and designed to help you relax and decompress from a day of learning. Weekend excursions depend on your program, but might include anything from a trip to downtown Boston to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park to a roller coaster ride at Six Flags New England! Don’t worry, you’ll have tons of opportunities to have fun while bonding with your new friends!

    Tufts Campus: Just Outside Boston

    Tufts enjoys a privileged location set high on a hill overlooking downtown Boston. At just five miles northwest of the city, the Tufts campus is far enough away that it enjoys a relaxed campus environment, yet close enough that the city and all of its resources are within reach. Tufts combines the benefits of easy access to the facilities of a top-ranked university with the excitement of city life. Most of our programs offer the opportunity to explore Boston in the evening or during weekend excursions.

    Nearby Davis Square

    We think there is plenty to do on the Tufts campus, but in case you’re looking for a little life off campus, nearby Davis Square offers a great student-oriented experience. Somerville Theater is an economical way to catch a movie and if you’re tired of campus dining, there are several opportunities for a meal out or just a great dessert. Davis Square is about fifteen minutes walking distance from Harleston. Davis Square is also the location of the nearest subway, or “T” stop to campus. From Davis Square, it’s just one stop on the Red Line to Cambridge and after just 20 minutes you’re in the heart of Boston.

    Fitness and Staying Healthy

    As a participant in a summer program on the Tufts University campus, you will have access to the beautiful, state of the art Steve Tisch Sports and Fitness Center. The Center also has a swimming pool, cardio and weight-training equipment, racquet and basketball courts. Don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of the gym, life on Tufts’ campus (called “The Hill”) will keep you fit: you will walk between your classes, the dorm, and the dining hall throughout the day!

    Course Materials

    The central part of your experience at Tufts will be your academic coursework. Our faculty are excited to have you join their classes! At Tufts, our students and faculty use CANVAS for syllabi, readings, project submission, and communication during the semester. Many will post syllabi and book lists prior to the start of summer. You can learn more about your class materials by checking CANVAS following the instructions below.

    • Using a Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser, go to
    • Click on "Tufts Login"
    • Enter your Tufts University username and password, then click Login
    • This displays your Canvas Dashboard, which will show a “Class Card” if you have any classes with information posted
    • Clicking on the card will display the Canvas course site for that class
    • If you have any trouble logging-in, please contact

    TCE and SSHS only

    Some courses require textbooks, which are typically included on the syllabus posted in CANVAS or you can find most listed here. Select “Tufts University” as the Campus and “Summer Two” as the Term. You can purchase these texts at the Tufts University Bookstore or through any other bookstore (e.g., Amazon). Some textbooks may be available as reference materials at the Tisch Library, but do note copies available and library hours are limited.

    Meet your Cohort!

    To help you connect with your fellow program participants, we set-up Facebook groups that will allow you to say hello in advance! This is a closed group so only individuals with a link can access it. We hope you will use this to get excited about the new friends you will meet at Tufts this summer!

    Day-Of Travel Information

    As you know, we require your travel details to be submitted to us prior to your arrival on campus. If you have not already done so, this is the time! Please log into your student portal and complete the Travel form. As with all of our Campus Life activities (non-academic), transfer to and from the airport or train/bus station will be managed by our partner Summerfuel.

    Day of Travel Contact Information

    Our Summerfuel team is here for you if you have any questions or concerns while you are traveling. You can reach us by email or phone:

    Staff waiting to greet you will be wearing blue Summerfuel t-shirts (see picture below) that say STAFF on the back and will be carrying Summerfuel clipboards so you can recognize them at the airport or train/bus station. If you have any difficulty, again don’t hesitate to call us at 917-821-3991. For details by arrival location, please see below!

    AIR TRAVEL: Arrival to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

    We will be monitoring all incoming flights and will adjust in case of delays. On departure, students will be taken to the airport prior to their scheduled flight time to allow time for check-in and security.

    • Arrival Day: Summerfuel staff will meet each student in the airport either at baggage claim (domestic flights) or in the arrival hall (international flights) and oversee their transfer to campus.
    • Departure Day: Summerfuel staff will take students to the airport ahead of their departure time and assist with check-in. Staff will then escort students to the entrance of the security line. Staff will be available at the airport until all flights have departed BOS in case of delay or other flight issues.

    Note for Children 15 and under: Many airlines require that children traveling alone agree to travel as an “unaccompanied minor.” The age requirements for these programs vary by airline, but sometimes include children as old as 14 or 15 years at the time of travel. Please check with your airline to learn if this service is required for your child. If the service is optional for you and you are traveling on a direct flight to Boston, we discourage you from taking it, as in our experience it can be more cumbersome than valuable. If you have booked your flight as an unaccompanied minor, please note the following:

    • Please contact Summerfuel using to alert us of unaccompanied minor status.
    • We will provide the name and contact details of the assigned staff person two weeks prior to the start of the program. If you need to provide a name at the time of booking, please contact
    • The person greeting you on arrival and escorting you on departure may be different.

    TRAIN or BUS TRAVEL: Arrival to Boston South Station

    If you will be arriving in Boston by train or bus, Summerfuel staff will greet you in the arrival hall of the station. On departure, staff will escort you to your train or bus.

    CAR TRAVEL: Arrival directly on Campus

    If you will be arriving on campus independently, please plan to proceed directly to the dormitory for check-in. Our staff will be available at the dormitory to welcome you beginning at 9:00am. We recommend that you plan to arrive on campus no later than 3:00pm, so that you can settle in and have a chance to walk around campus prior to the start of orientation.

    Please be sure to log into your student portal and complete the Travel form even if you will be arriving by car to ensure that you have access to our facilities and that our staff is ready to greet you on-site.

    Packing (residential programs only)

    As you start to think about packing, we’ve put together a packing list for you! View the recommended packing list to make sure you plan to bring all the appropriate items – and to make sure you don’t bring anything that won’t be allowed on campus. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Note that all bedding (sheets, blanket, pillow) and bath towels are provided. Should you forget a toiletry item or academic supply, there will be an opportunity to pick up those items with staff during the Orientation program (see Orientation section below).


    Tufts College Experience

    When you first arrive on campus you will be able to settle-in to your room, meet your roommate, and rest from your day of travel. Before classes start on July 2, we have a number of orientation and fun activities planned for you! Here is a snapshot:

    Snapshot Schedule

    June 30 July 1

    5:15PM – Welcome with Program Staff
    6:00PM – Dinner with RAs
    8:00PM – Floor Meeting
    9:00PM – Flavors of the World Mixer
    11:00PM – Check-in with RA
    11:30PM – Quiet Hours begin

    7:45AM – Breakfast and Campus Tour
    10:00AM – Orientation with Program Staff
    11:00AM – Welcome to Summerfuel!
    12:15PM – Lunch
    2:00PM – Afternoon activities!
    5:45PM – Dinner
    6:00PM – Davis Square Tour
    9:00PM – Legends of the Hidden Jumbo
    11:00PM – Check-in with RA
    11:30PM – Quiet Hours begin

    Summer Session for High Schoolers


    Tufts Pre-College Intensive: International Relations 


    Tufts Pre-College Intensive: Leadership for Social Change 


    Tufts Pre-College Intensive: SMFA Studio Art 


    Tufts College Experience Students Only

    *Updated information will be posted later in the season 

    Tufts International Relations Students Only

    *Updated information will be posted later in the season