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This course takes an adventurous, hands-on approach to mixed media drawing, while exploring the ways in which our ancestors viewed animals, nature and existence itself. We will investigate the outlooks and customs of various ancient and pre-industrial peoples, while seeking to transcend our contemporary milieu and create from a deeper and more natural core. The subjects of myth, metaphor, symbols and ritual will come to life, as we delve into conceptual ideas, learn from the breakthroughs of others, and imaginatively transform the studio space into an immersive art-making environment. Students will experiment with numerous tools, mediums and surfaces, including inks, paints, charcoal and pastels, as well as uncommon items such as reeds, natural pigments, burned wood and more. There will be demonstrations of materials and techniques, as well as group discussions and one-on-one assistance. Weather permitting, we will occasionally utilize the local outdoors as a creative environment and source of inspiration and materials. Students at all levels of skill and experience are welcome.Non-SMFA students will receive a letter grade.This course is not open to BFA or MFA students.