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Refund Policy - Official withdrawal from a course

Students who officially withdraw from a course are eligible for a tuition refund based on the date of withdrawal (when the official request to withdraw was received), per the schedules below. The refund schedules vary based on the length of the Summer Course / Program Type.

*Important note: deposits, application fees, and other portions of tuition indicated as "non-refundable" are not eligible for a refund. The below tables do not apply to these amounts. Any amounts not eligible for a refund are noted as such on the Tuition & Fees page.

All Summer Abroad Programs except Talloires Programs

Date of withdrawal  Refund amount
January 1 – March 16 100% Refund*
March 17+ No Refund

Talloires Programs

Date of withdrawal  Refund amount
30 or more days before program begins 100% refund*
Fewer than 30 days before program begins 50% refund*
On or after the first day of the program No Refund

Refund Policy – Course/Program cancellation

Should a course / program be cancelled, students are eligible for a full refund of any paid Tuition, including any Deposits paid. The Application Fee will also be refunded if the cancelled course was the only Summer course / Program for which the student was registered.

No notification of withdrawal is required if a course is cancelled by the University and any available refund will be credited to the Student Account automatically. However, students in this situation must still request a disbursement of the credit through Tufts Student Financial Services. Please see the “Request a Refund” section below for more information.

Please note that courses can be cancelled up to and including the first day of the course session.

Refund Policy – Disciplinary removal from a course/program

There are no refunds of tuition charged or payments made in cases where students are administratively withdrawn for violations of academic or student conduct policies.

Request a Refund

Refunds are credited to your student account. Approved refunds are generally issued within 1-3 weeks from the date the request is received.

Disbursement of refunds is processed through Tufts Student Financial Services.

For additional information on refunds, including how to request a refund, please visit Tufts Student Services.