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How to Officially Withdraw from a Course or Program

Proper notification of your intention to drop or withdraw from your summer course(s) registration is necessary in order to be un-enrolled in those course(s) and/or be eligible for a refund on charges or payments made to Tufts University for that registration. Use the following methods of communication to notify Tufts of your intended action:

  • Summer Study Abroad
    • All requests for withdrawal must be made in writing to the Director of Tufts Summer Session (contact information)
    • Until written notification is received, tuition will be charged and students will be responsible for payment

Types of Withdrawals

Summer administrative schedules determine the type of withdrawal you will receive if you discontinue your summer enrollment, and the amount of refund to which you are entitled.

Withdrawal - No Record of Attendance

You can withdraw from your summer course or courses any time before 11:59 pm. on or before the “Last day to withdraw without a grade of “W,” and the course registration(s) will be deleted from your record. After this deadline, your student record will be marked with a withdrawal grade(s).

Withdrawal - Record of Attendance

You can withdraw from your summer courses or courses any time before 11:59pm on or before the “Last day to withdraw with a grade of “W,” and the course registration(s) will be marked with the administrative notation of “W” for Withdrawal. No Withdrawal Permitted No withdrawal from a course or courses in the current term is permitted after the “Last day to withdraw with a grade of “W” deadline.


Please see our Refund Policy for students officially withdrawing for more information about:

  • What tuition and fees are refundable / refund schedule
  • The timeline for refunds
  • Disbursement of refunds
  • How to request a refund

Non-Attendance Policy

Non-attendance, discontinuity of study, or abandonment of study are not forms of official withdrawal from a course.

Failure to notify the university of your intention to discontinue your summer enrollment or registration, you will continue to be charged. These charges will be enforced, balances are subject to a late payment surcharge, and/or your balance may be transferred to a collection agency for action (with collection fees accruing to the debtor).

Re-Enrollment after Withdrawal

Requests for re-enrollment after a student-initiated withdrawal or university-initiated withdrawal (e.g., for nonpayment) will be considered individually. If approved and the withdrawal occurred on or after the first day of the course session, the university will apply a Late Registration Fee to the enrollment in addition to any incurred Late Payment Fee.