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Students participating in all Summer Programs (including the Pre-College Program) are graded by the same standards as matriculated Tufts University students. Those enrolled in a course for credit will earn the same college credit as matriculated Tufts University students. At the end of the term, an academic transcript will be available for you by request. Both credit and noncredit courses are part of your Tufts academic record.

Tufts University Academic Credit

The Tufts course load system is expressed in credit hours. Courses may award anywhere from 1 credit hour to 5 credit hours depending on the contact hours of the class. The number of credit hours awarded will be indicated clearly in the course list.

For Pre-College Programs, please remember that only some programs and students are eligible for credit. Your eligibility to receive Tufts University academic credit was indicated in your admission letter.

Grade Reports

To review your Tufts University grades, you will need to logon to Tufts SIS (, the university’s web-based enrollment system. You will need your Tufts User ID and password. For assistance, contact Tufts Student Services, 617.841.6247.

Tufts University does not provide grade mailers. Other than a university transcript, online viewing is the only method to receive your grade.


The official document which verifies your attendance and grade earned at Tufts University this summer is called a transcript. This document is provided by the Office of the University Registrar upon request. Transcripts are not issued by the Tufts Summer Programs office.

If you later attend Tufts as an undergraduate, courses that you took for credit may apply to your Tufts degree. You should contact your academic dean for approval and processing.

If you attend a degree program elsewhere, you may be able to transfer your Tufts credit. Please note that each university has specific policies concerning which and how many courses may be transferred.

For more information, request a transcript or diploma.