Tuition and Fees

Summer 2018 Program Dates

First Session: May 23rd – June 29th

Second Session: July 3rd – August 10th

12-Week Session: May 23rd – August 10th

Tufts’ Pre-College Programs: FAQs

Note: details are subject to change until applications open on December 1st.


Who is Eligible?
Can international students attend?
Can homeschooled students apply?


Can parents access their pre-college student’s educational records?
How will Tufts communicate with my student?

Earning & Transferring Credit

Can I earn Tufts credit?
Will this credit transfer?
How does my student transfer the credit earned at Tufts?
Will this credit transfer to my high school?
How do I select a course on an audit basis?

Financial Information

Is there financial aid available?
How is tuition billed and paid?
Can I get a refund?

Room & Board

Is summer housing available for high school students?
Are meal plans available for high school students?
What is Summerfuel?

Health & Wellness

How will my child receive care if they need medical attention while on your programs?


What precautions do you take to ensure my child will be safe on this program?


What should my student bring to Tufts?
Is the campus accessible by public transportation?
Is it possible to go on vacation during my program?